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CubaDupa is the annual immersive celebration of extraordinary arts and culture in the iconic heart of downtown Wellington. It attracts thousands of people from all walks of life to take over the streets, injecting an electrified atmosphere into the Cuba Street precinct for two days of artistic discovery, immersion and participation.


Rediscover a familiar space or explore the unknown… either way, your festival experience will be like no other, with over 200 curated performances over one jam-packed weekend at the end of summer. Create your own groove at one of our stages, find your rhythm with a street parade, explore the weird and wonderful winding your way through alleys and side streets, all while tasting your way from Abel Smith to Wakefield Street as part of our annual Street Feast.

Here at CubaDupa we stand for inclusion, diversity, supporting local and extraordinary creativity. We are passionate about providing a festival that focuses on artistic immersion and accessibility for all ages and demographics, and proud to activate the ultimate platform of transformation, discovery, innovation and extraordinary cultural experiences. Combining artists from local, national and global stages, our focus is set on enriching our community with artistic excellence.

Head to our website below to find out more and sign up to our newsletter for updates on any exciting developments.

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